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VIERS Recommendation

Oct. 17, 2014


To Whom it may concern,


 I am writing this letter to share my knowledge of the experiences of working with Ital Anthony of Salt Pond here on the island of St. John. I have known Ital since the summer of  2009 when I had my first experience of watching him work with the VIERS summer “eco-

campers” and “science campers”. These children range in ages from 7 - 17. Ital was and is able  o engage them with his lessons on the uses and importance of native plants and also how he  crafts many of the plant parts into items of art. He also is knowledgeable of the island’s history and culture and shares this with his audience as well. A good deal of his sharing is done through  songs and dance as he is an accomplished drummer and singer. Ital’s presentations usually end  with a session of drumming and singing and the audience leaves feeling invigorated as well as educated. 


 During the past 18 months I have served as the “on - site manager” here at VIERS and have been able to watch Ital work with many adult groups we host. Primarily we host college age groups. Ital is able to educate and captivate this age group as well as the younger crowd. 


Regardless of his audience, my observation has been that Ital gives each group one hundred percent of his attention and energy. If you have further questions regarding Ital’s abilities as a performer and educator, please contact me at 340-776-6721 or




Tony Blackwell, Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station Manager (VIERS)



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